Katie Carr
3rd DAN


Member of the American Karate Association Hall of Fame - Inducted 2009

2009 National Champion - American Karate Association

Member of the Midwest Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Inducted 2008

2008 National Champion - American Karate Association

2008 Champion - Midwest Martial Arts Association

2007 National Champion - American Karate Association

2007 State Champion - Oklahoma Karate Association

2006 State Champion - Oklahoma Karate Association

2006 Amateur Champion - Sport Karate International

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Katie's Red Fist Dojo
- Extreme Goju!!

Katie Carr is a member of:

  • United Goju Karate Association
  • Wild Bunch Association
  • American Karate Association
  • Midwest Martial Arts Association
  • Oklahoma Karate Association
  • Introducing National Champion and Hall of Fame member...

    Katie Carr, 3rd DAN

    Traditional Japanese Goju Ryu Karate

    Katie Carr is a third Degree Black Belt in Japanese Goju Ryu Karate studying with Grandmaster Ted Soliday, 10th DAN. Katie Carr is the founder and head instructor at the Mannford Institute of Karate, which is affiliated with the United Goju Karate Association and sister school to the Sapulpa Institute of Karate (Mr. Ted Soliday, 10th DAN), the Sand Springs Institute of Karate (Mr. Scott Collins, 7th DAN), and the Drumright School of Japanese Goju Karate (Mr. Clayton Badger, 5th DAN). Katie founded the school in Mannford at the age of 15, and holds its classes weekly in the Mannford Activity Center in Mannford, Oklahoma.

    Katie Carr, 3rd DAN, is a third generation student of Gogen Yamaguchi, the father of Japanese Goju Ryu Karate.

    Lineage: Gogen Yamaguchi -> Lou Angel -> Ted Soliday -> Katie Carr

    Katie Carr with Mr. Lou Angel, 10th DAN, and Mr. Ted Soliday, 10th DAN, at the Wild Bunch Karate Association Reunion in August 2010

    Katie Carr with Mr. Ted Soliday, 10th DAN, and Mr. Teddy Soliday, 4th DAN, after her promotion to 3rd degree Blackbelt

    Katie Carr is a current member of the United Goju Karate Association, the Wild Bunch Karate Association, the American Karate Association, the Midwest Martial Arts Association, the Oklahoma Karate Association, and has been a previous member of as well as SWAT (South-Western Association of Tournaments). A three time National Champion, Katie Carr's greatest honor is being a member of the Midwest Martial Arts Association's Hall of Fame, inducted during the 2008 Awards Banquet in February 2009 and being a member of the American Karate Association's Hall of Fame, inducted during the 2009 Awards Banquet in Chicago in 2010. Katie Carr was also honored as a Hall of Fame member by Richard Osborn Sr's Tae Kwon Do School - Ozzie's Crew in 2009..
    See: Katie Carr's 2009 Tournament Season Highlights!

    Katie Carr competing at the 44th Annual American Karate Association Grand Nationals & Bluegrass Nationals in Louisville, KY Katie Carr pictured with professional fighters - UFC Fighter "Handsome" Matt Wiman, WCL Fighter and XFL Champion Thomas "Thunderkick" Longacre, WCL Fighter and Top Women's Boxer Jeri "Fists of Fury" Sitzes

    During her introduction as a 2008 Champion and Hall of Fame Inductee at the Midwest Martial Arts Association's Awards Banquet, Katie Carr was introduced as the "Pride of Oklahoma". Katie Carr often travels to compete and wins championships from karate and martial arts tournaments as far away as Buffalo, NY (NBL SuperGrands), or most recently to Louisville, KY (AKA Grand Nationals & Bluegrass Nationals). It is not unusual for Katie Carr to be the only competitor from the State of Oklahoma in a karate tournament. To that end, it is with great honor that the MMA Southern Conference coined the phrase of Katie Carr being the Pride of Oklahoma. It is also quite true, as Katie Carr has been the State Champion for the Oklahoma Karate Association for multiple years, and has been a tournament champion throughout the great State of Oklahoma! Where ever she is competing, Katie Carr will also strive to best represent herself, her Sensei, Grandmaster, and Mentor (Mr. Ted Soliday, 10th DAN), and be everything she can be to continue as "The Pride of Oklahoma"!

    Katie Carr at the Showdown Karate Tournament May 2008

    Katie's final fight against an excellent male black belt. This fight has all of the hard hitting and hard kicking action you have come to expect from Katie!

    In this vid, Katie gets hit very hard in the face, basically knocking her out on her feet for a moment. She manages to hang on and wins a tie breaker for 1st Place!

    Katie Carr, 1st DAN - 2007 competition highlight video

    Highlights of the 2007 competition year as Katie Carr competed in local, state, and national tournaments.

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