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Please note: Updated November 10, 2007

Individual Black Belt Membership:

A Black Belt may seek to join the UGKA as an inidividual. Black Belt association dues are $100 annually. The UGKA will issue a certificate of membership, and Black Belt's may arrange for rank promotion directly from Mr. Ted Soliday, 9th DAN. Promotion requirements include the appropriate movements, katas, and self defense techniques be displayed in an examination. There is a separate testing fee of $100 for Black Belt ranks.

School Charter and UGKA Instructor:

A black belt may seek to be certified as an official black belt instructor under the United Goju Karate Association and have their karate school chartered under the United Goju Karate Association. This will allow the school and instructor to have their students' to be tested under the United Goju Karate Assocation and have their diplomas signed by Mr. Ted Soliday, 9th DAN.

Certified black belt instructors must maintain their association dues annually. Each student within an instructor's school will receive an association patch for their $50/year membership fee.

Affiliated Schools are also provided Soliday Goju Fist patches ($5/patch) for their students. In addition, all UGKA schools are also members within the Wild Bunch Association. Member schools will receive a Wild Bunch patch ($2/patch), typically worn above the UGKA patch, for all participating students.

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