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Ted Soliday, 10th DAN, Director

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Oklahoma Karate Schools

Sapulpa - Ted Soliday, 10th DAN

Sand Springs - Scott Collins, 9th DAN
Monday and Wednesday
6:30pm - Anytime Fitness

Drumright - Clayton Badger, 8th DAN

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Sapulpa Institute of Karate

Established in 1967 - Over 40 Years of Excellence!
Classes Meet:

Monday Night - 7pm (Beginners)
Tuesday Night - 7pm (Beginners)
Wednesday Night - 7pm (Color Belts)
Thursday Night - 6:00pm (Masters Black Belt)
*NEW LOCATION* - 17 South Park St. Sapulpa, OK

Sapulpa Institute of Karate and UGKA Blackbelts

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Class Tour

Traditional Japanese Goju Ryu provides the context for building skills, experience, and self-confidence. View pictures from a class in action as students train under Mr. Soliday.


Mr. Soliday's picture gallery

Pictures from the past and present.

About Ted Soliday, 10th DAN
Mr. Ted Soliday, 10th DAN

Ted Soliday started in Japanese Goju in 1966 with Ed Williams. On October 1, 1972 while training under Darrell Maggard at the Sapulpa Institute of Karate, he earned his black belt and received his rank from Hanshi Lou Angel. Mr. Soliday started his first karate school in 1967, teaching hundreds of students over the years the traditional form of karate he had learned. Later, Mr. Maggard turned over his school, the Sapulpa Institute of Karate, to Mr. Soliday where he has taught for many years. Mr. Soliday received the rank of Hachi Dan (8th Dan) on March 9, 1996 from Mr. Lou Angel, (10th Dan) Hanshi of Tenshi Goju Kai and head of the National College of MartialArts (NCMA) out of Joplin, Missouri. Mr. Soliday has been recognized and certified by 10th Dan, Grand Master, Masayuki (Azato) Ward, Russelville, Arkansas, head of the Japanese-Okinawan Karate Federation. On July 27, 2002 Mr. Soliday received the rank of KYU DAN (9th DAN) from Mr. Bill Briscoe and Mr. Bob Kinney who head the Wild Bunch Karate Association in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mr. Soliday organized the United Goju Karate Association in January, 2002. Darrell Maggard, Bob Santine, Bill Briscoe, James Keys, Gary Boyd, and Bob Williams have agreed to act as a consulting board of directors for the organization giving the board over 100 years of combined experience in the martial arts. All of these gentlemen are from the "old" Japanese Goju schools of the early 1960(s), bringing to this organization the traditional Japanese Goju karate teaching values and methods.

  On September 25, 2010, Mr. Bill Briscoe, 10th DAN and Mr. Bob Kinney, 10th DAN of the Wild Bunch Karate Association recognized Mr. Soliday's promotion to 10th DAN at the 40th Anniversary of the Wild Bunch Karate Association. Mr. Darrell Maggard, Mr. Bob Santine, and Mr. James Keys were in attendance for this recognition.


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National Champion Katie Carr's 2007 Championship Season Vid!

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Nancie Longacre's Kata - 2006 AKA Southern Regional Finals

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National Champion Katie Carr in the final bracket against a tough male blackbelt opponent!

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The UGKA represents the best in Oklahoma karate and Oklahoma Martial Arts. The Sapulpa Institute of Karate is one of the oldest Oklahoma karate schools still in operation dedicated to martial arts and the martial artist, with its first year of operation in 1963. The Black Belts of the UGKA have become respected members of the Oklahoma martial arts community with several opening their own Oklahoma karate schools throughout the state. The tradition established in 1963 is still alive today as the UGKA continues building a strong foundation for Oklahoma karate.
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